Self Enhancing Programme (SEP)

Self Enhancing Programme (SEP)What is SEP?
Self Enhancing Programme (SEP) is a powerful tool of enlightenment and self discovery
… Through traditional Indian practices such as Ashtanga yoga, Visualization, Naturopathy, Classical music and dances),
… Aiming at enhancing one’s social, professional and life skills.

SEP is offered as either one or three day programme; or can be customized as in-house programmes for corporate needs.

This programme is designed by Susheela Kaushik and supported by Satya Bharathi Neti. Susheela Kaushik: Is an Inspiring Speaker, self motivated and a practitioner of yoga and Naturopathy for three decades, specializes in Signature Reading, Dream Reading and Mind Mapping claims to evoke 3E’s(explore, express and excel) in every individual to lead a successful life!

Satya Bharathi Neti: Is an Electronics Engineer, has 15 years of experience in teaching, Counseling career/educational, practices yoga and enthusiastic to promote Indian heritage.

Self Enhancing Programme has Experts on board:

  • Shri.S.B.Gogate, (Antah Pragnya) Well known Corporate guru for more than two decades.
  • Shri.Raghava Neti, Expert in Mind Mapping.
  • Experts from different areas to give more zest to the subjects.
Program Modules
SEP offers a variety of programme modules as below:
Self Enhancing Programme (SEP)

One-day Programme
SEP one day programme consists of mini programmes/three hour presentations on various topics such as, business Excellence through value system, decision making with controlled mind, Freedom from backaches and headaches, respiratory tract ailments, Digestive tract ailments and remedial solutions for improving eye sight to get rid of spectacles, Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Diabetes, obesity etc.

Three-day programme:
Three day SEP comprises of twelve sessions, delivered over three days. While texturing these modules an emphasis has been laid on supplementing the theory with such easy and simple techniques that one can easily practice in day to day life. The results of sincere practice are so fast and astonishing that the practitioner is enthused to delve deeper and deeper into the techniques willingly.

These programmes are aimed at handling topics of very serious nature in a congenial, stress free and friendly environment. The programme schedule includes two guided meditation sessions and a laughing session a day to give relaxation from the rigorous training. More over as the experience of meditation continues to deepen with every session; the participants are able to enter the state of meditation all by themselves by the end of the third day.

In House Programmes:
SEP is also conducted as ‘In House Programmes ‘exclusively for the executives and staff of large organizations who provide all facilities for such programmes with in their training centre’s or at resorts. These programmes are conducted Intensive or residential as suited according to their needs.

Residential Programmes:
Residential programmes are conducted over three days in a selected scenic spot outside the regular work environment. It has an added benefit of uniting with the Nature. Controlled Breathing and simple exercises are conducted in the crisp and fresh early morning’s air in natural ambience. The evening sessions are conducted under the starlit skies promoting union of individual souls and universal spirit. This helps the participants internalize the contents and principles of the programme far better than usual means.

Arrangements for conducting programmes will be made at suitable venues and participants are invited from various organizations, which includes PSUs, MNCs, Private sector businesses and Industrial houses, professionals, Students, Housewives etc.

Under SEP, the provision of conference facilities, Tea/Coffee/snacks, Lunch and course material is available. For Residential Programmes, the lodging and boarding facilities are available at holiday resorts over an extended weekend. Participation is invited as above from various groups.

Follow-up sessions will be conducted regularly after the training programmes.SEP uses audio-visual technology to reach the hi-tech era.

Some of our clients/participants as below -
  • Oil n Gas Sector
  • Power Finance
  • Power Management Institute
  • GAIL
  • NTPC
  • Police Dept.
  • Steffi India
  • Railways
  • Ministry of Environment and Froests
  • Power Politics
  • Lingaya Institute of Management & Technology
  • Rama Devi EDucation society
  • Delhi Public School
  • JSS College of Engineering
  • SIP Edu
SEP has produced amazing results for our participants. A workaholic executive stands to benefit by a highly comforting experience called physical and mental relaxation, which he has long forgotten.

SEP Winning Women is specially designed for urban Elite Women!