Personal Branding

Personal Branding is designed by Susheela Kaushik and Satya Bharathi Neti.

Be Seen
Be Heard
Be Understood

Presence and VISIBILITY are both keys to effective Brand Ambassadorship.

Personal branding is about ambassadorship, not self-promotion.

The diverse Subh PCC PB team includes experts in the full array of visual, vocal and behavioral communication modalities: Speech, Body Language, Wardrobe, Grooming, Signature, Time Management, Travel Plan, Learn and Do good while Travelling, Business Etiquette and International Protocol.

Subh PCC PB presents 1 hour interactive lectures, and facilitates half-day and full-day training programs that develop business teams and individuals. Subh PCC PB has an array of pre-formatted programsand customizes training programs upon request.

Our expert team will educate, train, and execute your brand transformation.